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sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

The flower thriving on the sixteenth night •

Hello again, dear people!

I'm here with a new blog entry dedicated to another cosplay photoshoot, this time with my Sakuya Izayoi Cosplay from Touhou project!

I was looking to getting good pictures with this cosplay!! since my debut with this cosplay in Salón del Manda de Jerez, I hadn't put more time ;_; so I hope so much you like the photos!

In this photoshoot, with me Meiling (Sara Yuns) and Aya (Mitsuko Uchiha)!
I have pictures together only with Meiling, since both are of the same game ^^ but I'll put some individual photos of Aya!

Lula, thank you so much again for your beautiful house!! wouldn't have been possible these photos without you ^^

Please, listen to this song while you see the pictures! ^^

And here, three individual photos for Sara Yuns in Meiling cosplay~

And Mitsuko Uchiha in Aya cosplay!

I hope that you like~ see ya, people! ♥

4 comentarios:

  1. Genial de nuevo, muy buen trabajo! Bueno, mis comentarios nunca son constructivos, lo siento, no entiendo mucho del tema por desgracia, pero me siguen encantando igual, es una gran belleza para mis ojos, sois geniales ^^

  2. Hola chicas, queria felicitaros por los cosplays, son geniales me han encantado ^.^ seguid haciendolo que se os da bien (:

    Y Sara sonrie un poco en las fotos que seguro que tienes una sonrisa muy bonita! jajaja

    Un admirador secreto :$